BEST New Nintendo Switch Games | Any WORTH it!?

Nintendo Switch has become one of the leading game consoles on the market, offering some of its best and most exciting titles.

Amongst these are The Somnium Files, Nirvana Initiative AI invasion mystery, Blade Runner Escape from LA adventure puzzle-solving experience, Rollers Champions, an online sports fighting racing game; Rabbids Party of Legends, a brawler complete of wacky characters and mini-games as well as Legend Of Bum Bo – a quirky turn-based RPG featuring artworks made entirely out paper items!

No matter what type or genre you prefer, the Nintendo Switch offers something for every modern gamer looking for new titles without breaking your wallet!

Let’s look at the 7 Most Exciting Nintendo Switch Games that will make their way into this generation’s console lineup in 2020. Whether they worth it?

I’m always looking for new and exciting games, so I was thrilled when Nintendo Switch released its top 7 picks. But are they worth it?

Well, that’s a question every gamer must answer – but judging from all the positive reviews in town, there could be something special about these titles…

Some Key Points

  • New platform for exciting gameplay
  • Variety of genres to choose from
  • Positive reviews by users and critics
  • Impressive graphics when compared with other consoles
  • Multiple ways to access and purchase games

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the new Nintendo Switch games so exciting?

The new Nintendo Switch games are exciting because they offer an engaging and immersive gaming experience with incredible graphics, gameplay features, and game modes.

Is investing in the AI The Somnium Files, Nirvana Initiative and other Best New Games for Nintendo Switch worth it?

Investing in the AI The Somnium Files, Nirvana Initiative and other Best New Games for Nintendo Switch is worth it! These games offer excellent graphics and captivating storylines that make them well worthy of your investment. Enjoy a thrilling experience with these top-notch titles as you explore new worlds!


Nintendo Switch games are worth it. From the AI mystery-solver of The Somnium Files to Roller Champion’s unique take on futuristic roller derby, gamers have plenty of exciting new adventures ahead with some genuinely exceptional titles in store.

Whether you choose Legend Of Bum-Bo or cut loose Rabbids Party Legends style, the Best Nintendo switch selection is waiting for your enjoyment – Blade Runner may be one title too good to resist!

So if you want an unforgettable gaming experience this year, make sure that Nintendo Switch is the top choice when looking into the best new game releases.

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